Off-Road Classes

Five or more entries make a class. Therefore, any class may race if enough people show up. Listed below are the classes that typically have a consistent turn out.

  • Novice (any vehicle, run what you brung)

  • 1/10th 2WD Short Course Truck Mod

  • 1/10th 4WD Short Course Truck Mod (Electric/Nitro)

  • 1/10th 2WD Buggy Mod

  • 1/10th 4wd Buggy Mod

  • 1/10th Mini Truggy

  • 1/8th Buggy (Electric/Nitro)

  • 1/8th Truggy (Electric/Nitro)

  • SPEC 2wd Slash

Off-Road Class Rules

  • Qualifier races are staggered (IFMAR) start. Each driver will race on their own 5 minute clock.

    • Transponders are the responsibility of each racer, if they do not work during a race it will be treated as a DNF (did not finish). This goes for personal transponders, house transponders, and rental transponders. The race director and club officials can't keep up with non-counting trucks and buggies during a race, please don't ask them. Personal transponders are available for rent $5 per race. First race your transponder rental is free. Novice racers that are club members also get free transponder rental.

  • Main event races will be 10 minutes long for 1/10th scale classes and all electric 1/8th scale classes, and 20 minutes long for all nitro 1/8th scale classes. Classes that are mixed nitro and electric will run for a time agreed upon by the racers in that class.

  • All 1/10th scale electric classes may use either 6 or 7 cell NiCd or NiMh batteries, or 2 cell Lithium Polymer batteries. This includes 4WD SCT Mod.

  • All 1/8th scale electric classes are limited to 4 cell Lithium Polymer batteries. No 6s setups are accepted.

  • Unless otherwise noted, classes have no motor limit and no restrictions on hop-up parts or tire compound. All vehicles must conform to ROAR rules for dimensions, weight, and body style for their class. Short course classes are required to run short course style tires and wheels as outlined in the ROAR rulebook page 68 (no stadium truck tires or 1/8th scale tires in the short course classes).

  • A breakout time will be enforced for the Novice class. Laps faster than the breakout time will not count. The breakout time will be announced during the drivers meeting and may change throughout the year based on the current track layout and conditions.

  • Drivers that enter the Novice class will not be allowed to enter additional classes on the same race day. The intent of this rule is to prevent the accidents that occur when the speed and skill difference between racers is large. The race director can move a fast Novice driver to another class during the race day if necessary.

Spec Slash

This Class is intended as a competitive platform for the Ready to Run (RTR) TRAXXAS Slash 2wd. A complete listing of these rules, as well as a listing of allowable aftermarket parts will be available in the hobby shop, onsite (RC Hobby Barn). This class is intended to appeal to racers of all skill levels, providing the most equal playing field possible.

Allowable Models: This class is open to any RTR 2wd (Brushed, 12T) Traxxas Slash, as well the Traxxas Slash Unassembled Kit (58014-4).

Cheating: Cheating diminishes the joy of the class. Do not ruin it for other racers by being dishonest. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from the class, and likely from racing at RC3 in the future, pending a review by club officials.

Class Fee: If you purchase your 2wd Traxxas Slash from the RC Hobby Barn, you get Free entry into the class on race day. You must provide proof of purchase at the time of signup. Proof of purchase must be provided in order for FREE entry into the class. No exceptions.


Kit - referencing original equipment contained in the original box that the vehicle was sold in. In its original factory form. Not aftermarket.

Aftermarket - not original equipment. Not offered as part of the original equipment line of parts, from the manufacturer.

Vehicle Modifications and Parts:

Body: All trucks must use the factory Traxxas body. You may elect to purchase a clear body and supply your own paint scheme. That is permissible as long as it is a Traxxas brand body. Cutting holes in the body for airflow is not allowed. It is permissible to remove torn, or broken pieces of the body, to prevent cuts/physical harm to turn marshals.

Chassis: No modifications may be made to the chassis system. Vehicle must be raced

in its stock form. Original Traxxas Replacement parts, as supplied on original model 5805 truck kit, only for damaged/worn parts. No LCG chassis allowed.

Suspension: Both the front & the rear suspension systems must remain in stock form. Original Traxxas parts only. No aftermarket replacement components may be

installed. RPM rear hub carriers are allowed for durability improvements. Stock (kit) shock collars may be used to adjust ride height.

Legal Tuning Parts: Original 5805 Traxxas Kit Shock white Springs may be used.

Shock Caps may be replaced with Alum Shock Cap #2667 (or any other related color). Shock oil may be changed for maintenance purposes.

Steering: No modifications may be made to the steering system. Original kit parts only. Traxxas metal gear conversion for the stock traxxas servo is allowed. (See page 3 for additional servos allowed).

Bearings: Original Traxxas kit bearings only. Bearings may be oiled and modified in stock form. Seals must be intact and in place.

Electronics: Original RTR Kit electronics Speed Control (XL-5) & Servo (2075/2075x) only. You may run a receiver that is compatible with your race radio.

Motor: This class is restricted to a stock Traxxas Titan 12T R/C motor. Water break-in is allowed and is not considered a modification.

Battery: This class is limited to any 7.2 volt "Nicad", “Nimh” made up of 6 “sub C” size

cells only or Lipo 7.4 volt battery pack made up of 2 cells only. No LiHV batteries allowed.

Wheels and Tires: Original Traxxas Slash brand 2.2” wheels and tires. Traxxas' soft compound version of the kit tire is permitted in any Traxxas branded tread pattern.

Drive line: Only the original Traxxas Drive Train may be used. No aftermarket or replacement drive components may be installed. Traxxas kit differential is required. Any brand pinion is allowed, as long as it is metal. Ball differentials are NOT permitted in the Spec Class. Maximum pinion size is 19t.

Weight: Truck must weigh no less than 4.75 pounds ready to Race.

Additional Rules and Regulations:

The top 3 finishers of each heat and main event are required to report to tech, immediately following the end of each race. Tech station is located beneath the RC3 driver's stand.

Spot checks may occur at any time if other racers believe an individual has a truck that is out of spec, regardless of finishing position.

If a racer wins 3 consecutive races, they are required to remain absent from the class for 1 consecutive club race, following their most recent win.

Heats and mains begin with a “shotgun start”.

Allowable Durability Upgrades:

RPM Rear Hub Carriers - 80832/80835

RPM Caster Blocks - 80712 (all colors)

Traxxas Aluminum Shock Caps - 3767 (all colors)

Traxxas Soft Compound Tires - 5873R

Any traxxas brand Slash body

Traxxas Metal Servo Gear Set - TRA2072R

Traxxas Metal Gear Servo (2075x) - TRA2075X

JX 23kg Metal Gear Servo - JX/WP5323LV

Dirt Oval

Officially closed in 2020. Hopefully it will make a come back in the future.