Post date: Jan 20, 2019 2:4:50 AM

As we all know, the club/house transponders are slowly becoming non functional (as in not working/charging). although there are a few that currently function. Club officers reccommend you purchase your own transponder for the 2019 and future years. for the ones who still want/need to use a house transponder we will start charging 5.00 a day for usage. If its your first race, then you get one free rental, and 5.00 there after for each race day. On 2 day events such as Rocket City Challenge, you will pay rental charge for each day. Novice Class will get free transponder use with a paid club membership. Non members will pay 5.00 per race after their first initial race. The Race Director is not responcible for any faulty equip (rented, borrowed or personal), Thanks, Club officers 2019.