RC3's Tiny Trophy Race Winners

Post date: Aug 02, 2015 9:30:53 PM

Thanks to everyone for making the Tiny Trophy Race a great success! We had 73 entries, wonderful weather, and tons of fun. Here are your winners.


1st - Ian Roberts

2nd - Frank Armstrong

3rd - Teddy Salyer

TQ - Ethan Radke

17.5 SC

1st, TQ - Matt Thompson

2nd - Tyler Schrimsher

3rd - Stephen Armstrong

Stadium Truck

1st, TQ - Tyler Schrimsher

2nd - Freddy Marsh

3rd - Evan Gulden


1st, TQ - Rich Beatty

2nd - Javier Caballero

3rd - Tyler Schrimsher


1st - Austin Hughes

2nd - Daniel Myers

3rd - Jack Aslan

TQ - Matt Thompson

2WD Buggy

1st, TQ - Spencer Glasgow

2nd - Tyler Ernst

3rd - Jack Aslan


1st, TQ - Spencer Glasgow

2nd - Javier Caballero

3rd - Daniel Myers

Nitro Buggy

1st, TQ - Austin Hughes

2nd - Jeremy Reid

3rd - Jonathan Adams

Prime Funky Flexmaster

1st, TQ - Tyler Ernst