Rc3 2019 kickoff meeting minutes.

Post date: Jan 13, 2019 1:50:55 AM

Ben opened up with a recap of the 2018 season. Reported on the average entries last year and the entries for big races. Discussed track success due to its club members and even pro drivers taking note of RC3 track.

Weston gave treasurer report…2018 started with 500.00…when weston took over from prevoius treasurer, had average blance 1700 dollars. All financial data is now in a spreaed sheet, well documented and avail if needed. Ended 20-18 with 4995.00.

Jody was given funds to cover livetime subscription and new printer….there was discussion by oval member of using the same printer and buying ink instead of buying new printer. This was tabled for later discussion.

Next topic was track build. Bobby from RC Track Masters will be doing the layout again this year. Layout build is slated for first week of march pending weather. Discuision about skidster and roller ensued…Jake adv he could get a skid steer and save clubs funds. It was also discussed about Jerry Hughes poss providing equipment. Still waiting on answer from Mr hughes. Jamie Spurgeon also adv he could possibly obtain a skid steer. He would seek info and get back with the club.

All club members were given a pen and paper and asked to write 2 key features they would like to see on the layout. These were given to weston and tallied. Top choices will try and be incorprated into the layout. More if possible.

Quad—5 votes

Rythem section-4 votes

Whoops-3 votes

Step down-2 votes

Step up—1 vote

Crossover—1 vote

Table corner—1 vote

Back straightaway—1 vote

Front straight-1 vote

While Bobby is building Track will need aprx 8 Volunteers to help with packing, raking, ,pipe, cleanup etc.

Need for a new mower to help keep track packed was discussed. If anyone can find one from the free to 500.00 range in good running condition to get with officer for funds and purchase. Keith bilyou and Jerrid wright will take lead on this project.

Next drivers stand was discussed. Needs to be replaced. This year would be replaced with 2x6 instead of plywood. Kevin land volunteered to head this project .

Gravel—Craig adv he could get gravel for a 375.00a load. It was voted to go ahead and have him secure the load of gravel and place it near the tree on the north side. We can use the skid steer to spread it when we do track build.

New pipe was discussed. If wew can secure pipe from AMS or SIC then great, if not we would go with the 35 dollar a rolll pipe again and replace as necessary.

Pa system was discussed. Jake will look into systems and get back with club with some estimates. Will be further discussed at that time.

New lights were discussed. It was voted to get one additional led light for the middle pole. Jake would get estimate on replacing other lights and can be discussed at a later date.

It was suggested to get a air compressor to have more amenities for racers. After discussion it was decided to hold off an a air compressor at this time.

Signs were discussed for track perimeter. Need to get useed polition signs and remake them with trackk rules. Stay off when wet, no walking on pitt lane, not responcible for theft and accidents etc.

Next election of Officers and Race Director were held

President Ben Robbins

Vice President Bryce Taets

Secretary Teddy Salyer

Treasurer Weston Taets

Track Manager Keith Bilyou

Race Director Jody Schrimsher

It was discussed that Race Director is a paid position..! dollar per entry with a minimum of 50 per race. Club members were urged to learn race system as Jody Schrimsher would be stepping down as race director to persue other ventures.

Race Schedule was discussed. We have several large events this year. It was Voted to change the Tiny Trophy Race to a money Race this year, and possibly make a fall Race a Tiny Trophy race or money race.

Also coming this year is the Snao Hard Racing League…This Event is 10th Scale only. They run all classes RC3 does except 17.5 sct…they run a 17.5 2wd buggy instead. The club will get haf the proceeds from this race. The league will do all Race Directing, sign ups etc.

Rocket City Challenge will Be a 2 day event again this year.Currently Scheduled for Aug 2,3,4th. Practice on the 2nd, with quals on the 3 and mains on the 4th.

Last item was the club needed to raise entry fees by 5.00 per class. Entries will now be 20,15 and 10. You still get 5.00 off first entry for being a club member. This was necessary to help offset some of the days when we have low turnout, or cancel due to rainout. Club pays 5 per entry to hobby shop each race. So without raising club was barely breaking even on some races.