North Alabama Off-Road Challenge Race 1 of 2 - Saturday, June 4th - Race Results and Podium Pics

Post date: Jun 14, 2016 2:6:9 AM

Thanks to everyone who came out for race 1 of 2 of the first-ever North Alabama Off-Road Challenge. We had a few light showers, but were able to have a great race and finish at a reasonable time.

The race results have been posted on the Race Results page.

Photo Album - 2016/06/04 Off-Road - North Alabama Off-Road Challenge (NAOC) 1 of 2


1st, TQ: Kenny Mundt

2nd: Caden Proudfoot

3rd: Kyle Price

17.5 Short Course

1st: Tyler Schrimsher

2nd, TQ: Tyler Ernst

3rd: Jack Aslan

Stadium Truck Mod

1st: Tyler Schrimsher

2nd, TQ: Freddy Marsh

3rd: David Harris

2WD Buggy Mod

1st: Freddy Marsh

2nd, TQ: Javier Caballero

3rd: Jack Aslan


1st, TQ: Javier Caballero

2nd: Tyler Schrimsher

3rd: Tyler Ernst

1/10 4WD Buggy Mod

1st: Repo Southern

2nd, TQ: Chris Jones

3rd: Steve Radke


1st, TQ: Randy Carter Jr.

2nd: Terry Pe

3rd: Tyler Schrimsher

1/8 Electric Buggy Pro

1st: Steven Froghorn

2nd: Javier Caballero

3rd: Terry Pe

1/8 Nitro Buggy Pro

1st, TQ: Hunter Cupp

2nd: Steven Froghorn

3rd: Tyler Parrish

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