Next Huge event: 9th Annual Rocket city challenge

Post date: Jun 14, 2018 1:32:53 AM

Mark your calendars for August 3rd thru 5th! This years Rocket city challenge will be bigger and better. With over 200 entries last year, the club has decided to make this year event a (2) two day event. Qualifiers run on Saturday and some lower class mains including novice. Then all other Mains will be run on Sunday. How its going to work? Saturday signups will dictate the event. If over 150ish entries , two day event it will be. If 150 or under, we will run a one day event. FYI, we are expecting a huge crowd with over 200 if everything goes to plan. So come on out for one of the biggest club events in this area. Going to be a fun time!