New Date for Rocket City Challenge Sept.7

Post date: Aug 04, 2019 10:55:0 PM

As the Rc3 Club was prepared for record breaking 10th annual Rocket City Challenge, mother nature had other plans. With 20-30% chance of pop up scattered pop up storms all week, the track had missed all of them up to Friday. Practice had started and some have already started to set up and come in, BUT at around 6:30pm a massive pop up storm formed on the north side of town ( right on top of track) dropping 2 inches of rain in 45 minutes. The track couldn't take that much and as fast as it happened there was no time to put a few tarps down. Thank you to the volunteers that tried to go ahead and shop vac the water off to see if track could be saved for Saturday, but unfortunately it was too soft. So with another chance of pop up storms on Saturday, the Club officers decided it would be best to postpone the race. We apologize to all that this may have caused frustration on rooms and money, but there was no way the club could have run a 200 entry race in those conditions. And some may ask why not cancel before, with 20% -30% chance, I don't believe no one would cancel outdoor plans.

SO with that being said, NEW Date is September 7th. Friday practice and start racing Saturday at 10am. All the prizes and I mean we have some good ones, will be up for grabs on this date as usual. We will however run a (1) one day event instead of two. So be prepared for long day and night if we approach the 200 mark. We hope all understand the issue of having a outdoor track and no control of weather. Hopefully we will see all our great friends and racers on this date as well. Thank you for your patience, Rc3!