March 1st Race Results

Post date: Mar 02, 2014 2:42:13 AM

Thanks for everyone that showed up to race today. We ended up with 71 entries in 8 races. The weather turned out to just right, and the track just got better throughout the day. The race results have been uploaded to the RC3 webpage. Our next race is Sunday March 16th, I hope to see everyone there.

Here are pictures of the winners in each class:

Novice - 1st Place: Zack Hook, 2nd Place: David Blahe, 3rd Place: Bruce Charles

Sportsman Shortcourse - 1st Place: Stephen Armstrong, 2nd Place: Jeromy Riggs, 3rd Place: Jeff Nguyen

1/10th Scale 2wd Buggy - 1st Place: Blake Boggs, 2nd Place: Jacob Mueller, 3rd Place: Joe Pharis

4wd SC Truck - 1st Place: Steven Hicox, 2nd Place: John Reid, 3rd Place: Jack Aslan

1/8th Scale E-Buggy - 1st Place: Jacob Mueller, 2nd Place: Jeremy Reid, 3rd Place: Daniel Myers

2wd SC Truck - 1st Place: Joe Pharis, 2nd Place: Javier Caballero, 3rd Place: Daniel Myers

1/8th Scale Nitro Buggy - 1st Place: Blake Boggs, 2nd Place: Javiheir Hogan, 3rd Place: Todd Brandon Easter