April Club Meeting Notes

Post date: Apr 10, 2014 1:27:14 AM

At yesterday's club meeting we discussed the following topics:

Track Lighting

We decided to use the existing poles (31, 30, 27, 25, and 25 foot wood poles) with the 31' and 30' poles located in the corners of the track closest to the driver stand. These poles will have two lights each. The 27' and 25' poles will be placed closer to the far corners of the track and will only have 1 light each pointing down the back straight. Additional lights from the old track will be used to supplement the main lights and provide lighting for pit areas. We have quotes for setting the poles but before we can proceed we need to determine the proper bulb to buy, buy 6 bulbs, and test and clean each light. The lights will be mounted to the poles before they are set. We should know after next weekend what type of bulbs to purchase.

Club Race Prizes and Race Format

We will be placing an order for 100 TQ, first, second, and third place stickers to hand out during club races. Novice class will still get the dog tags but all other classes will precut printed vinyl stickers made specifically for RC3. We also decided to resort the heats between rounds and to take pictures of 1st-3rd place in the lower mains to be posted on Facebook. Once we have lights, the lower mains will also be the same length as the A-mains.

Rocket City Challenge Prizes

Craig Phillips will get in touch with a company about making laser etched acrylic pit boards or smaller plaques for the prizes for the 2014 Rocket City Challenge. Blake is working on a flyer design which should be ready by early May. We will be asking all sponsored drivers to contact their sponsors for banners and prizes for the Rocket City Challenge once we have the flyer ready.

Better Half Dash AKA the Racer Appreciation Day

We decided to merge the Better Half Dash with the Racer Appreciation Day and run this race on July 5th. Free food will be provided. If there is interest in a Ladies class we will run it and provide prizes (gift cards for nail salons, etc).

Track Changes

We will be trying some lane changes before the next race to change the track layout without reworking the whole track. After the racer appreciation race July 5th we will close the track for a total redesign. If we get the redesign done in time we will run it in during the scheduled July 20th race. If the track is not ready then that race will be cancelled. All club members are encouraged to submit track layouts at the next club meeting.

Schedule Changes due to Weather

We decided that only club officers should make decisions to reschedule or cancel races due to weather. All weather related schedule changes are to be announced no later than 5pm the day before the scheduled race. Any changes must be communicated on RC3racing.com, Facebook, and by calling the hobby shop.