2016 RC3 T-Shirts

Post date: Mar 26, 2016 6:44:54 PM

2016 RC3 t-shirts will be available for sale at upcoming club races. The price per t-shirt is $10, regardless of size. Please see someone at the race director's booth for purchasing. First come, first served. No reservations or shipping. Must purchase in person. If we run out of your size, we can take note for a future order later this season. Keep in mind that these are all cotton and may shrink. This order consisted of 30 t-shirts in the following sizes and quantities. 3 XXXXL, 3 XXXL, 6 XXL, 6 XL, 5 L, 4 M, 3 SM. Pictured is Noah Hozian in a S, and Chris Hozian in a XXL.