1st annual Money race a Success!

Post date: Jun 30, 2019 6:12:41 PM

With over 134 entries from all over the south, Rc3 off-road held there 1st annual Money race. 100% payback in 3 classes, E-buggy, Nitro Buggy and 1/10th 4wd buggy. It was a hot, humid summer day in North Alabama with track temps, well lets just say HOT!. After the two rounds of qualifying was complete there was a couple of clear favorites on the track to take the cash. Team associated driver Blake Boggs and Team Soar driver Cole Kasten were both hot on the track as the weather was. However not be out done, several local privateer young drivers from the region was keeping them honest. Zach Noia in his HB buggies, Izriah Osborne in his AE buggies, Tyler Schrimsher in his Soar buggies, Drew Williams in his Tekno buggies and Aaron Perry in his Mugen buggies , all was giving the team drivers fits.

Blake Boggs took the TQ in E-Buggy and Nitro Buggy. Zach Noia took the TQ in 1/10th 4wd buggy. Going into the Mains, money classes in electric was double A-Mains with combined finish and Nitro was a 30 minute Main. Starting in 1/10th 4wd wheeler, Tyler Schrimsher jumped to the lead, but unfortunately had DNF with a breakage. Zach Noia was out front then but he also had a electrical issue with his transponder that set him back. That let Blake Boggs and Rusty Brooks battle it out for the A-1 win, with Blake taking it. In the A-2, it was the same with Tyler Schrimsher jumping out front at the beginning but again having issues with a DNF, Zach and Blake battled the entire race with Blake Boggs taking the A-2 win over Zach. Overall finishes for 1/10 4wd -- 1st Blake Boggs, 2nd Rusty Brooks, 3rd Randy Enger, 4th Terry PE, 5th Zach Noia. Great job!

E-Buggy A-1 seen Blake Boggs dominate the race in his AE buggy and take the win. Cole Kasten charged through to take 2nd, Drew Williams took 3rd, Izriah Osborne took 4th, with Zach Noia taking 5th. It was a close battle from 2nd through 8th. One mistake made a big difference. A-2 seen a shake up, with Zach Noia taking the win over Blake Boggs in 2nd. They both battled it out the entire race. Cole Kasten followed with a 3rd, 4th was Izriah Osborne, and 5th was Tyler Schrimsher. Overall rankings for payout: 1st Blake Boggs, 2nd Cole Kasten, 3rd Zach Noia, 4th Izriah Osborne, 5th Drew Williams. Fast bunch of drivers!!

And finally the Nitro Buggy 30 minute A Main. It was the Blake Boggs show once again with his AE buggy leading wire to wire. This was little longer Mains for most locals so pit stops where key. Privateer driver Tim Hobbs in his TLR buggy fought his way up to 2nd. Izriah Osborne would finish 3rd after battling some transponder issues throughout the race, 4th would go to Aaron Perry in his Mugen and 5th would go to Johnathan Adams in his Tekno. Overall it was a long but good race between some great competitors. Awesome job!

Overall for the club it was a great race. It was hot, stressful, and little dusty at times, but the club pulled together and kept the show moving. Do not forget there is one more big event for Rc3 for 2019. 10th Annual Rocket City Challenge, August 3rd and 4th. Great prizes and trophies will be up for grabs. Check it out on under Alabama events. Thank you again for supporting this great club. For all results: https://rc3racing.liverc.com/results/