11th Annual Rocket City Challenge Update

Post date: Jul 31, 2020 2:38:48 AM


Due to a consistently increasing chance of rain for Saturday, RC3 Racing will be moving the 11th Annual Rocket City Challenge to 08-09 August 2020. Next week and weekend look FANTASTIC, as far as weather is concerned.

We browsed every club and series within a 4.5 hour radius and only found 2 that were racing. Unfortunately, this will put us running on top of the Warehouse, which is far less than ideal.

A BIG shoutout to SHARC Racing for agreeing to swap dates with us. They will be moving their next club race to 22 August 2020!

Everything else for this race will remain the same, but it is now moved to NEXT WEEKEND!!!

We will update RC Signup and the official RC3 Schedule this evening, so sit tight for that. Please see the updated race flyer below, for details.