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Off-Road Race - Saturday, April 2nd - Race Results and Podium Pics

posted Apr 3, 2016, 2:56 PM by RC3   [ updated May 16, 2016, 11:36 AM ]
Thanks to everyone who came out for the April 2nd, 2016 Off-Road race. We had nearly 70 entries and tons of fun! The weather was great all day long!

The race results have been posted on the Race Results page.

Photo Album - 2016/04/02 Off-Road

Novice - 1st: Chris Hozian, 2nd: Conner Greer, 3rd: Lance Campbell
1st: Chris Hozian
2nd: Conner Greer
3rd: Lance Campbell

17.5 Short Course - 1st: Tyler Schrimsher, 2nd: Bruce Charles, 3rd: Billy Johnson
17.5 Short Course
Tyler Schrimsher
2nd: Bruce Charles
3rd: Billy Johnson

2WD Buggy- 1st: Spencer Glasgow, 2nd: Daniel Myers, 3rd Trevor Michael
2WD Buggy
Spencer Glasgow
2nd: Daniel Myers
3rd Trevor Michael

Stadium Truck - 1st: Tyler Schrimsher, 2nd: Willie "Chill Will" Scott, 3rd: Trevor Michael
Stadium Truck
1st: Tyler Schrimsher
2nd: Willie "Chill Will" Scott
3rd: Trevor Michael

2WD SCT - 1st: Tyler Ernst, 2nd: Aaron Perry, 3rd: Tyler Schrimsher
1st: Tyler Ernst
2nd: Aaron Perry
3rd: Tyler Schrimsher

4WD SCT - 1st: Terry Pe, 2nd: Jeff Nguyen, 3rd: Jack Aslan
1st: Terry Pe
2nd: Jeff Nguyen
3rd: Jack Aslan

1/8 Nitro Buggy / Truggy - 1st: Tyler Parrish, 2nd: Brian Potts, 3rd: Mark Parrish
1/8 Nitro Buggy / Truggy
1st: Tyler Parrish
2nd: Brian Potts
3rd: Mark Parrish

1/8 Electric Buggy - 1st: Spencer Glasgow, 2nd: Daniel Myers, 3rd: Javier Caballer
1/8 Electric Buggy
1st: Spencer Glasgow
2nd: Daniel Myers
3rd: Javier Caballero

1/1 Prime Funky Flexmaster - 1st, TQ: Tyler Ernst
1/1 Prime Funky Flexmaster
1st, TQ: Tyler Ernst (Class Champion)

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