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Rocket City Challenge present by Futaba -- HUGE success

posted Aug 12, 2021, 6:46 PM by RC3

This past weekend,  252 entries descended on Rc3 and the rocket city.  We had racers from Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and of course locally in Alabama.  The action started Friday with open practice and weather watching.  Weatherman changed the forecast last minute and bumped rain chance up to 50%.  With a little luck, we missed all the heavy storms and only got light showers mostly early Saturday morning.  Saturday saw some great qualifying action.  Race Director Ben Robbins decided to run 2 heats of rocket rounds on Saturday with longer heat times to maximize track time for everyone.  For a surprise, all the 1/10 classes were full heats, that was great to see.  1/8 classes had some of the best racers in the south shooting in out.  As the day went on, the track began to let us say "get some character" in it.  With the forecast being iffy, the track crew could not water as much leading up to Saturday so track being dry let some pretty good hole form.  Saturday went great though, and everyone seemed to enjoy the change of not such a smooth track and the race was living up to its name "Challenge".  After two heats, the Mains were set for Sunday, but before Saturday night was over we had two special events.  The buddy race and pit stop challenge.  The buddy was the funniest thing I have seen in awhile.  Congrats to Logan Powell and Ben Reed on their win and don't forget the marshal ( one marshal per car) Taylor Faulkner.   Onto the pit stop challenge and there Danny Smith and Justin Whitcare were able to barely squeak by for the best time to take the win.  Then before everyone stopped for the night, we were able to give away the grand prize of a new 7pxr radio by Futaba USA.  Jimmy Barrett was the lucky person this year!   Thank you Futaba again for being the title sponsor.

Sunday rolled around and we started running the Lower Mains working our way to the grand finale.  Great battles throughout the day in the heat and dry track conditions.  Tire choice would be key on this day to do good.  Several good racers found themselves in lower mains and some were lucky enough to work their way to the A's.  Now onto the the big shows and A Mains.  Highlights in the 1/10 classes were Justin Whitcare taking 2wd buggy, Stadium truck, and 4wd buggy this year.  Jeremy Stump took 2wd short course,  Daniel Myers took 4wd short course and David Sawyer took Spec Slash.  Greg Datcher was able to take Mini truggy as well. 

After those close battles,  the big boys in 1/8 put on a show.  Blake Boggs was TQ in both buggy classes and people were wondering if anybody had anything for the Team Associated driver.  Randy Carte Jr was holding the TQ in 40+ Ebuggy and Mark McPherson was TQ in 40+ Nitro buggy.  Other TQ's in truggy were Drew Williams and Logan Powell in nitro.   Onto the Mains,  1st up was Nitro Truggy.  As the Main started Logan Powell jumped out to good lead,  but right before 1/2 mark of the Main, his steering servo had issues.  That turned the lead over to Tyler Schrimsher and he never looked backed.  Drew Williams chased but Tyler was able to hold a good lead and got the Win!   Drew was second, Danny Smith was 3rd, Jody Johnson 4th and Michael Hill was 5th.   Nitro Buggy was up next and except for one bobble at the beginning, Blake Boggs lead from the tone!  His team associated rc8b3.2 was handling the bumps with ease and he drove to victory.  Jeremy Reid was 2nd, Izriah Osborne 3rd, Drew Williams 4th and Daniel Myers was 5th.    40+ Nitro saw a good battle from the old guys, haha.  Jody Johnson was able to take the win in his Mugen ride.  Michael Hill was 2nd, with Mark McPherson and Bobby Moore finishing 3rd and 4th.  Mark Thomas rounded out the podium with 5th.   

Onto the Electric classes and the battles continued.  In Etruggy Drew Williams and his Tekno 2.0 was not to be beat.  He was able to take the win followed by Zach Barrett 2nd, Ben Reed 3rd, Jimmy Barrett 4th and Jeremy Stump 5th.   In 40+ Ebuggy , Randy Carte Jr. put on a show and his HB 819rs took the win.  Brian Looper give chase but came up 2nd, Jody Johnson 3rd, Mark McPherson 4th and Brian Kadow 5th.  Now on to the big show with Pro Ebuggy.  Man what a great battle between friends for the whole race.  Blake Boggs and Chris Rakus fought it out the entire 10 minute main.  Blake would lead for awhile but some untimely mistakes let Chris Rakus get the lead and hold off Mr. Boggs for the WIN!  Chris's HB buggy was soaking up the the bumps and looked good.  Blake Boggs 2nd,  Izriah Osborne 3rd, Jeremy Reid 4th and Drew Williams took 5th.

Overall this was the best race and entry count ever at Rc3!  Rc3 would like to thank all the racers for there patience during the changing forecast and with the rough track conditions at times.  We definitely look forward to 2022 and we will do this all over again.  Congrats to all the winners!  For all the results 
https://rc3racing.liverc.com/results/    or Check out our Facebook page: Rc3racing group.

May be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoorsMay be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoorsMay be an image of 5 people, including Danny Smith and outdoors

This Weekend, August 7th and 8th

posted Aug 1, 2021, 7:31 AM by RC3

OK boys and girls,  countdown has began for this weekends big 12th annual Rocket City Challenge!  The track is finished and Bobby Moore with Rc trackmasters out did himself this year with the layout.  We have a great title sponsor again this year with Futaba USA.  They make the best radios and receivers in the business, plus they are locally here in Huntsville,AL. Thank you so much Futaba for supporting local racing.   Other great sponsors have also came on board and we have some great prizes for the racers.  Now lets talk about the schedule.  The forecast is looking good with 20% or less chance of the wet stuff, basically hit or miss.  We will have the track prepped and ready for practice at 1pm Friday.  Practice will be open until someone cuts the lights off, then resumes Saturday morning until 9:30am.   Signups open Saturday morning and close at 9:30am.  Racing starts at 10am with (2) qualifiers of 7 minutes for electric and 6 minutes for nitro.  After the qualifiers on Saturday night, we will have two special events.  New this year, a buggy race!  Two people running the radio, one person marshaling.   Then the pit stop challenge again this year.  Who is the fastest pit guy on the gun?  

Then on Sunday morning at 10am start,  we run all the Mains.   It si shaping up to be a great event again this year and we look forward to seeing everyone this coming weekend.  Again thank all our sponsors for the 2021 race:
TNR Fuels
Lugz tires
Factory Extreme
Dialed Hobbies
J & T Bearings
Myers racing
RC Speed Secrets


mid season and future races

posted Jun 27, 2021, 8:34 AM by RC3

We have had a great year so far in 2021.  Going into the dog days of summer remember we race on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.  For further info, please try to follow us on our facebook page Rc3racing.  All info or changes will be posted there first.   Now lets talk about what is coming up in the near future.

We will be redoing the track in the last part of July, so the track may be CLOSED for couple of weeks during this process.  Please do not run on the track unless it has been ok'd by club officials.  After that ,  we will be having our 12th annual Rocket City Challenge race.  2 days of the best racers in the southeast will be at the track.  Racing starts Saturday August 7th with qualifiers and finishes up August 8th with the Mains.   Should be a great event if the weather is good to us!

Another big race will be Labor day weekend, when the Snap hard race comes to town.  Saturday will be 1/10th only then on Sunday we race 1/8th classes.  Watch the Facebook page for details.

Hope to see everyone at the track.

Back on regular schedule

posted Apr 14, 2021, 7:29 AM by RC3

Season has started.  We will be running on our regular schedule for the rest of summer.  We run offroad racing on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.  All start times will be 11:00am.  If changes occur for weather or schedule conflict, please follow us on our Facebook page ,  Rc3 racing group.   Hope to see ya'll at the track!

2021 Season Opener Great Success!

posted Apr 6, 2021, 6:54 PM by RC3

This past Saturday, Rc3 opened the season for 2021 with a bang! With around 180 entries from racers from all over the south, from Florida to Arkansas, the racing was very close in all classes.  The weather was awesome from Thursday thru Saturday with cooler temps at night to temps in low 70's during qualifiers. Race Director Ben Robbins kept the show going and moving all day and Club President Jody Schrimsher and a host of club members had the track in awesome shape.  Now onto the racing.

We had 12 different classes from 1/10 spec slash and 1/10 buggies to 1/8 buggy / truggy in both electric and nitro.  Lets start with 1/10 classes.  Team Associated driver Justin Whitcare took the 1/10 mod 2wd buggy class with TQ and 1st place in the Mains.  He also took the 2wd short course class as well with another dominating race.  In 4wd 1/10 mod buggy, local fast racer Spencer Glasgow took his TLR 22x-4 to the lead and never looked back.  Robert Dirla gave chase but could not stay on his pace.  Also young hotshot Ryder Trotter put his ride onto the podium.   Mini truggy was taken by Nathaniel Reed and 4wd short course was taken by local racer John Hutchens.  

Now onto the big boys of 1/8 buggys and truggys.  After two rounds of qualifying, there was two racers that stood out.  Newly Tekno driver Cole Kasten was dominating in Nitro Buggy and in Ebuggy it was Team Associated driver Blake Boggs.  Both took TQ in there respected classes.  Now to the Mains and we will start with Nitro Buggy.  Cole Kasten put on a show with a dominating performance.  Several local racers including Jeremy Reid and Tyler Schrimsher gave chase but could not keep the pace the new Tekno driver was setting.  Cole never looked back and took the win!  In a close race to the end,  Team Associated driver Jeremy Reid took 2nd place and local privateer Tyler Schrimsher brought his Associated buggy to 3rd place rounding out the Podium.  

In Ebuggy, it was tight battle at the beginning and the end.  TQ Blake Boggs made a small mistake in first lap and let local racer Spencer Glasgow gain the lead, but Blake put his head down and dug in.  He retook the lead at lap 3 and never looked back leading the rest of the way.  His Team Associated RC8B3.2E was glued to the track and was laying some fast lap times down.  In the pack however there was a fierce fight for the podium.  Spencer Glasgow,  Tekno ace Izriah Osborne , Team Associated Randy Enger and Tekno driver Drew Williams, all was fighting it out for 2nd thru 5th.  As the race worn on,  Izriah Osborne's Tekno ride was able to finish 2nd , followed by Associated driver Randy Enger taking 3rd.  Very tight and fast racing. 

Other 1/8 notes,  Tyler Schrimsher took TQ in Nitro Truggy, but had issues at the first part of the Main and retired. Agama's Trevor Lund was able to mover up from his starting spot of 2nd on the grid and lead from the tone.  Great job Trevor!  He was followed by Mugen's Jody Johnson in 2nd  and in 3rd Brian Carey got on the Podium.  In E-Truggy,  Tekno's Drew Williams was unstoppable.  His Tekno truggy was on rails and he drove a clean race.  Also getting on the podium in E-Truggy was Spencer Glasgow in 2nd and Zach Barrett finished 3rd.   One other class ran also in 1/8 division,  40+ Ebuggy.  Jimmy Barrett was able to take the win.  Also on the podium in 2nd was Marty Dicus and in 3rd was Rob Heacox.  Not bad for the old folks, lol.  

Rc3 would like to thank all the racers that attended and showed support.  It was a great success and now its time to continue into 2021 season in style.  Next BIG race will be the 12th annual Rocket City Challenge in August.  Mark your Calender's!   Thank you again,  Club President Jody Schrimsher  Podium pictures below

Season Opener 2021

posted Mar 28, 2021, 1:07 PM by RC3

Season Opener for 2021 will be this Saturday, April 3rd!  Also for this event, we will continue the tradition of the "tiny " Trophy race with trophies for top 3 podiums in most classes.  We look forward to kicking off the 2021 season and get back to a regular schedule since COVID hit last year.  Start time will be 11am sharp!  Entry fees will $20, $15, $10,  also we will be accepting club membership as well,  $30 for single,  $45 for family.  Weather looks good as of now, with some cooler temps but sunshine.  Lets all get the racing season off to a great start , we hope to see ya there.  Thank you,  Club President.

2021 Season Opener

posted Jan 14, 2021, 8:30 AM by RC3

11th Annual Rocket City Challenge Race Results

posted Aug 11, 2020, 7:41 AM by RC3

Congratulations to all the racers in the 11th Annual Rocket City Challenge! Race results can be found on LiveRC. Here are photos of all the winners in each class.


2WD Mod Buggy
2wd Mod Buggy

2WD Mod Short Course Truck
2WD Mod Short Course Truck

4WD Mod Buggy
4WD Mod Buggy

Mini Truggy
Mini Truggy

4WD Short Course Truck
4WD Short Course Truck

40+ Electric 1/8th Scale Buggy
40 Plus E-Buggy

40+ Nitro 1/8th Scale Buggy
40 Plus Nitro Buggy

Electric Truggy
Electric Truggy

1/8th Scale Electric Buggy
Electric Buggy

1/8th Scale Nitro Buggy
Nitro Buggy

Nitro Truggy
Nitro Truggy

Sponsor Update

posted Aug 11, 2020, 7:08 AM by RC3


As we mentioned at the Rocket City Challenge, sponsored items were tough to come by this year, for obvious reasons. Either the companies are out of stock, or shipping is delayed due to worldly events.

Well, the goodies from Jconcepts finally came in yesterday! We will be giving those away at the next club race. We'll hand out 1 ticket per entry for that one.

Schedule Update

posted Aug 11, 2020, 7:07 AM by RC3

Due to the rescheduled RCC, we will not hold a regular club race this weekend (Oct 15th). If you're itching to race, don't forget SHARC Racing is running on August 22nd!

Up next for RC3 is the SNAP HARD Racing League on 29-30 August! 1/10 on Saturday and 1/8 on Sunday. Shon always puts on a great event, so get them ready for that!

If you're new to Snap Hard, click on the page link above to dig around and learn a little more!

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