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11th Annual Rocket City Challenge Update

posted Jul 30, 2020, 7:38 PM by RC3


Due to a consistently increasing chance of rain for Saturday, RC3 Racing will be moving the 11th Annual Rocket City Challenge to 08-09 August 2020. Next week and weekend look FANTASTIC, as far as weather is concerned.

We browsed every club and series within a 4.5 hour radius and only found 2 that were racing. Unfortunately, this will put us running on top of the Warehouse, which is far less than ideal.

A BIG shoutout to SHARC Racing for agreeing to swap dates with us. They will be moving their next club race to 22 August 2020!

Everything else for this race will remain the same, but it is now moved to NEXT WEEKEND!!!

We will update RC Signup and the official RC3 Schedule this evening, so sit tight for that. Please see the updated race flyer below, for details.


11th Annual Rocket City Challenge

posted Jul 2, 2020, 10:35 AM by RC3   [ updated Jul 30, 2020, 7:39 PM ]

The 11th Annual Rocket City Challenge is scheduled to be held August 8th and 9th 2020. Averaging over 200 entries over the last four years, this race has proven to be one of the largest, fastest, and most competitive club level races in the southeast!

With previous title sponsors like Futaba and Fierce RC, the door prizes for this race have been incredible! In 2019, RC3 Racing gave away a Tekno NB48.4, Team Associated RC8T3.1, and a Futaba 7px - all at the same race. This year's race will continue the tradition of excellent door prizes, while adding some fun events scattered throughout the race. Heats will be on Saturday, along with Novice and lower mains, and all higher mains will be held on Sunday. Come on out and enjoy some great racing in a family environment. 2020 Rocket City Challenge - SEE YOU THERE!

Current Sponsors

2020 Season Opener Date Change and updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted Mar 26, 2020, 5:56 PM by RC3   [ updated Mar 26, 2020, 5:59 PM ]

SEASON OPENER DATE CHANGE!!!! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have moved our opener to April 18th. We as a club do not want to be liable for an outbreak at the track nor the Hobby Shop. Rick has asked that we respect this, and with no hesitation the officers understood... We can not wait to get the year started it, once we are able we will hit the ground running! All of our equipment held up through the winter perfectly. We also were able to obtain a new to us Laptop from Kevin Land to be compatible with Livetime running on Windows 10. Our old laptop did not have a 64 bit driver, so it has essentially went to the table for an administrative use function. We hope everyone can make the opener it will be huge hands down. As always search on facebook fro Rc3 Racing to keep up with speedy updates and changes!


RC3 Officers 

2020 Race Schedule!!!!!!!

posted Jan 26, 2020, 11:40 AM by RC3

We are more than excited to announce our 2020 Race Schedule here at RC3. For the most up to date information please follow us on Facebook at RC3 Racing! Below is our season schedule. Note the races in red are our season opener/ Tiny Trophy Race, the 2nd Annual RC3 Money Race, and our 11th Annual Rocket City Challenge! We look forward to seeing you very soon.

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Great response for the Benefit race

posted Oct 13, 2019, 5:07 PM by RC3   [ updated Oct 13, 2019, 5:11 PM ]

This last Saturday,  Rc3 held the Blane Hagler benefit for cancer race.  WOW, what a great response from the local racers.  This race was put together to help Blane with his fight with cancer from the last two years.  However, as most that know Blane, he would not accept donations to him directly.  Instead he worked with local cancer treatment facilities and come up with a great local charity to support.  The Dr. Jeanne Shepherd Fund is a local charity that help families that are going through treatment that need help financially.  The help with food, bills, getting to the treatments, etc.  What a great charity.  So with that, local racers opened there wallets and hearts.  We raised over $900 for this great charity in the name of Blane Hagler.  He was overwhelmed with the response of the racers and the Rc3 club.  This is what the hobby is suppose to be about, helping your fellow racer from race day or even in a event like this, just raising money for a great charity.   Now on to the racing.

60 entries showed even after the first major cold front of the fall arrived to the Huntsville, AL area.  Temps were in the high 50's are the racing started, but with some sun it was very nice in the afternoon.  We saw several great races.  All the 1/8 classes were a tough fight as usual.  Tekno driver Drew Williams was on fire during qualifying taking the TQ in all three of the 1/8 classes, Ebuggy, Nitro Buggy, and Etruggy.  In the Nitro buggy Amain, Drew walked away from the field from the start.  His tekno 2.0 was on rails and no one was going to touch him.  New racer Trevor Lund was fast as well in his AE ride but had some mechanical issues.  Tyler Schrimsher and Eric Gratham both Soar Seiki drivers gave chase but with no luck.  Drew took the win with Tyler in Second and Eric taking Third.  

Ebuggy was a two man show.  Drew Williams (tekno) and Tyler Schrimsher (Soar) took off from the start and the rest had to play catch up.  Tyler keep the pressure on Drew in the first couple laps and when Drew caught the pipe, Tyler was able to squeeze by and never looked back.  Drew was charging to catch up, but with a minute to go, he had some voltage issues that would have limp to the loop with a 2nd place.  Tyler Schrimsher took the win, Drew was 2nd and Greg Datcher was 3rd.

Etruggy saw about the same.  Drew Williams (tekno) and Tyler Schrimsher took off from the start again.  Drew's truggy was on rails, he pulled away from 2nd place Tyler and was not looking back.  However more gremlins for Drew occurred and he had a DNF with about a minute to go.  That allowed Tyler Schrimsher in his Soar 998 truggy to take the win.  With the misfortune of Drew it also allowed Greg Datcher to get by him as well for 2nd place.  Drew came in 3rd after a strong showing but misfortune.

1/10th classes saw Randy Enger take the wins in 2wd buggy, 4wd buggy and mini-truggy.  Respectable runs by Craig Phillips in the buggy classes and Greg Datcher also, gave them both some podiums.  4wd drive short course saw Chris Dornon get the the win, Jerod Wooten 2nd and Jeff Dehler 3rd.   We did have some novice racers and always glad to see new racers.  And don't wont forget, our grand marshal Blane Hagler came away with two podiums,  one in 17.5 short course and one in mini truggy.  

Again thank you to all the racers that came support such a great cause and support the club of Rc3.  Hopefully the weather will allow us to have a couple more club events before winter sets in.  Stay in touch on our Facebook page Rc3 racing group. 

Blane Hagler Benefit race October 12th

posted Sep 28, 2019, 6:58 PM by RC3   [ updated Sep 28, 2019, 7:03 PM ]

Rc3 off road will be racing October 12th,  start time at 11am.  This race will be a benefit race for fellow Rc3 club member Blane Hagler.  He has been battling the terrible disease of cancer not once but twice in the last couple of year.  He is doing well after several treatments but is still recovery his strength.  ALL proceeds of this race will go to Blane and his charity of choice.  Entry Fees for this special race will $25 and you can run as many classes are you want.  We will be accepting other donations if you feel the need to.  All classes will be run.  If weather is a issue,  make up date will be October 19th same time.   I hope that everyone will show support of our fellow member and come out.  See ya there.

New Date for Rocket City Challenge Sept.7

posted Aug 4, 2019, 3:55 PM by RC3

As the Rc3 Club was prepared for record breaking 10th annual Rocket City Challenge, mother nature had other plans.  With 20-30% chance of pop up scattered pop up storms all week, the track had missed all of them up to Friday.  Practice had started and some have already started to set up and come in, BUT at around 6:30pm a massive pop up storm formed on the north side of town ( right on top of track) dropping 2 inches of rain in 45 minutes.  The track couldn't take that much and as fast as it happened there was no time to put a few tarps down.  Thank you to the volunteers that tried to go ahead and shop vac the water off to see if track could be saved for Saturday, but unfortunately it was too soft.  So with another chance of pop up storms on Saturday,  the Club officers decided it would be best to postpone the race.  We apologize to all that this may have caused frustration on rooms and money,  but there was no way the club could have run a 200 entry race in those conditions.  And some may ask why not cancel before,  with 20% -30% chance, I don't believe no one would cancel outdoor plans.

SO with that being said,  NEW Date is September 7th.  Friday practice and start racing Saturday at 10am.  All the prizes and I mean we have some good ones, will be up for grabs on this date as usual.   We will however run a (1) one day event instead of two.  So be prepared for long day and night if we approach the 200 mark.  We hope all understand the issue of having a outdoor track and no control of weather.  Hopefully we will see all our great friends and racers on this date as well.  Thank you for your patience,  Rc3!

10th Annual ROCKET City Challenge

posted Jul 18, 2019, 7:16 PM by RC3

Its that time again.  Rc3 will be having their 10th annual Rocket City Challenge coming up August 3rd and 4th.  All classes will be running and attendance is expected to break records again this year.  Trophies will be provided for podium racers 1st thru 5th in all classes.  TQ will be cash award again this year.  Some side notes for this event:  Again this year, it will be a 2 day event.  Qualifiers run on Saturday and A-mains on Sunday.  Rc3 will have plenty of great prizes for the racers also.  Grand Priize will be a Futaba 7px worth over $700,  you can get a ticket for $10 and it will be raffled off Saturday night.  There will also plenty of shops in attendance,  of course Rc hobby barn is on the premises, but a couple of other mobile hobby shops will also be in attendance.  Rc3 is expecting racers from all over the south and some of the best racing you will see.  We hope to see everyone there! 

1st annual Money race a Success!

posted Jun 30, 2019, 11:12 AM by RC3

With over 134 entries from all over the south, Rc3 off-road held there 1st annual Money race.  100% payback in 3 classes, E-buggy, Nitro Buggy and 1/10th 4wd buggy.  It was a hot, humid summer day in North Alabama with track temps, well lets just say HOT!.  After the two rounds of qualifying was complete there was a couple of clear favorites on the track to take the cash.  Team associated driver Blake Boggs and Team Soar driver Cole Kasten were both hot on the track as the weather was.  However not be out done, several local privateer young drivers from the region was keeping them honest.  Zach Noia in his HB buggies, Izriah Osborne in his AE buggies,  Tyler Schrimsher in his Soar buggies, Drew Williams in his Tekno buggies and Aaron Perry in his Mugen buggies , all was giving the team drivers fits.   

Blake Boggs took the TQ in E-Buggy and Nitro Buggy.  Zach Noia took the TQ in 1/10th 4wd buggy.  Going into the Mains, money classes in electric was double A-Mains with combined finish and Nitro was a 30 minute Main.  Starting in 1/10th 4wd wheeler,  Tyler Schrimsher jumped to the lead, but unfortunately had DNF with a breakage. Zach Noia was out front then but he also had a electrical issue with his transponder that set him back.  That let Blake Boggs and Rusty Brooks battle it out for the A-1 win, with Blake taking it.  In the A-2, it was the same with Tyler Schrimsher jumping out front at the beginning but again having issues with a DNF,  Zach and Blake battled the entire race with Blake Boggs taking the A-2 win over Zach.   Overall finishes for 1/10 4wd -- 1st Blake Boggs,  2nd Rusty Brooks, 3rd Randy Enger, 4th Terry PE, 5th Zach Noia.  Great job!

E-Buggy A-1 seen Blake Boggs dominate the race in his AE buggy and take the win.  Cole Kasten charged through to take 2nd, Drew Williams took 3rd, Izriah Osborne took 4th,  with Zach Noia taking 5th.  It was a close battle from 2nd through 8th.  One mistake made a big difference.   A-2 seen a shake up, with Zach Noia taking the win over Blake Boggs in 2nd.  They both battled it out the entire race.  Cole Kasten followed with a 3rd,  4th was Izriah Osborne, and 5th was Tyler Schrimsher.   Overall rankings for payout:  1st Blake Boggs, 2nd Cole Kasten, 3rd Zach Noia, 4th Izriah Osborne, 5th Drew Williams. Fast bunch of drivers!!

And finally the Nitro Buggy 30 minute A Main.   It was the Blake Boggs show once again with his AE buggy leading wire to wire.  This was little longer Mains for most locals so pit stops where key.  Privateer driver Tim Hobbs in his TLR buggy fought his way up to 2nd. Izriah Osborne would finish 3rd after battling some transponder issues throughout the race, 4th would go to Aaron Perry in his Mugen and 5th would go to Johnathan Adams in his Tekno.   Overall it was a long but good race between some great competitors.  Awesome job!

Overall for the club it was a great race.  It was hot, stressful, and little dusty at times, but the club pulled together and kept the show moving.  Do not forget there is one more big event for Rc3 for 2019.  10th Annual Rocket City Challenge, August 3rd and 4th.  Great prizes and trophies will be up for grabs.  Check it out on under Alabama events.  Thank you again for supporting this great club.  For all results: https://rc3racing.liverc.com/results/

T-shirts and quick update

posted May 25, 2019, 5:45 AM by RC3

T-shirts have been ordered. We think everyone will be pleased with the new design. As of now, they are scheduled for print around may 28th. so we should have them to hand out at the june 15th race if all goes well. We have been getting questions in reference to schedule conflicts on what is posted on this site and the facebook site...Please keep in mind that this site doesn't get updated as frequently as the facebook page...so for the most current schedule, the facebook page will be the most accurate. We are still locking down sponsors for this years rocket city challenge, but it looks to be another great year with some great prizes. Our Title sponsor this year is Futaba. They have donated a brand new Futaba 7px this year.. We are currently selling raffle tickets for this item, drawing will be at the Rocket City Challenge. Tickets are 10.00 dollars each with a 5 ticket limit before the race.  On race day, you will be able to purchase an additional 10 tickets if you wish for the drawing...you must be present to win, or if you have a friend they can stay in your stead as long as they have your ticket.  We also will have a food truck this year selling burgers and hot dogs and snow cones. We hope to see every one at the next race on June 1st and at the Money Race on June 29th. As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to any officer and we will assist you any way we can...Happy Racing 

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